Gérard François


Into French from: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese

Into English from: French, German, Spanish



1998–present Freelance in Washington DC.

1993-1998 Member AIIC Council, Belgium, Vice-President, AIIC.

1992-1998 Head of Chinese Interpreters Training Unit, JICS

1992-1998 Senior Staff Interpreter at JICS, EC Commission, BRUSSELS (F-E-D-Es-P)

Worked at all Heads of State Summits. (European Council)

Interpreted weekly Commissioners Meetings. (Brussels and Strasbourg)

1995 In charge of all Ministerial Meetings and the Cannes Summit of the French Presidency, Amsterdam Treaty Conference, Head of team of interpreters for all conferences dealing with the creation of the Euro: Finance Ministers meetings, Monetary Committee, European Investment Bank

1988-1997 Member Permanent Staff Committee, AIIC

1986-2002 Lecturer, Interpretation School, Georgetown University, (USA)

1982-1992 Staff Interpreter-translator at World Bank, WASHINGTON, D.C. (F-E-D-Es)

All Board meetings, Visits of the President in Africa, MENA Region

ED’s visits to Africa, North Africa

Financial and Economic seminars, annual meetings, Finance G7 meetings, consultative groups (Paris, Tokyo)

Translation of projects, letters etc.

Training of Chinese interpreters for China’s MOFTEC

Meetings of CGIAR, IDA, GEF, Caribbean Initiative, African Advisors

1975-1982 Staff Interpreter at EC Commission Brussels (F-E-D)


Interpreting Experience

The International Monetary Fund

Financial seminars, visits to the Federal Reserve, Annual Meetings (twice a year)

G10 Finance Ministers, Finance and Monetary Committee. G24

Annual Meetings, Washington, Singapore, October 2006, Istanbul October 2009


The World Bank

Regular interpretation at the Board of the Bank; economics seminars; Global Environment Forum; Consultative groups; Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research, Coalition for Africa; Visits to Africa by Bank officials; ICSID (Settlement of International Disputes); Seminars on economic and sectoral work, IFC Investment conference Development Committee meetings. GEF Assembly, Beijing (Oct 02.) Justice Ministers, Abuja (Nigeria), May 03. Annual Meetings, Dubai (Sep. 03) Visits of African Presidents (Mr’s. Wade, Bouteflika, Toure, & Campaore, as well as Finance and Planning ministers. Interpretation for Presidents Mc Namara, Clausen, Conable, Wolfensohn Wolfowitz and Zoellick

GEF conference Manila, Philippines, March 2010 GEF Assembly, Uruguay May 2010.


The United Nations

General Assembly, Economic and Social Committee; Security Council, Assembly of the Millennium, Committee on UN dues, UN Conference on Women


Inter-American Development Bank

Board meetings; Committee of Governors; Annual meetings

Annual Meetings New Orleans 2001, Fortaleza 2005, Guatemala City 2007, Miami 2008. Medellin, 09.

Friends of Haiti Conference April ’09. Ministerial conference on Energy, April 2010. General Assembly Cancun , May 2010.


Department of State

State of the Union speeches; AGOA; interpretation for VOA, USIA, DOD (Pentagon briefings, conferences on missile safety, NATO harmonization NMD), Conferences with the Secretary of State; visits to the Congress, FAA seminars; NATO 25th Anniversary Conference. QACISIG. NATO Parliamentary Union, CITES, NDU course for senior African leaders, Military conferences, Conference on stolen Jewish Art, FTA negotiations with Morocco, G 8 2004 at Sea Island, AGOA. France-US staff talks (Quantico 2004)

Codex Alimentarius, AVIAN FLU CONFERENCE (10/05)

Telephone Interpretation for the Secretary

ACSS conferences., ’03-‘2010

USMC-French Army Staff talks (California 2007)

DEA training course (Quantico 2007)

NOAA meeting , October 2007

NATO superior Officers talk at NDU (November 2007)

FAA annual conference December 2007, 2008, 2009

ACSS Jan. 2008. ACSS Rwanda, Burkina Faso 2009

G 20 Washington Nov. 08, Pittsburgh Sep. 09

Summit on Nuclear Energy, Washington DC April 2010.


Organization of American States

Interpretation for the OAS Council, Board meetings, conferences on continental security, budget, CICAD

Summit of the Americas process with preparatory and plenary conferences: including the 2001 Quebec Summit. Monterrey Summit in 2004, REMJA #4, Visits by Heads of State, Managua Declaration, June ‘04, Annual Meetings Quito 2004, Fort Lauderdale 2005

Ministerial meetings on Haiti, march 2010. Mnisterial summit on Energy in the Americas, April 2010.


European Union

Visits by Commissioners, Economic and Social Committee, Visits by MEP’s (2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007)

Financial conferences of the Transatlantic Dialogue, Visit of M. Barrot, EU Commission vice president, 2005 & 2007 (Open Skies Agreement). Commissioner Barnier’s visit to NYC and DC, April 2010. EP visit to the UN, NYC May 2010.


French Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Visits to the US by president Chirac. Working visits by French government ministers on Economic, judicial and financial affairs, visits by French members of Congress, Ministerial visits (M.Perben, M.Breton, M.Sarkozy, M.Darcos, Barnier ) , Staff Talks.

CSIS French-USA dialog, April 09.


Government of Canada

Interpretation at the Toronto Summit of the Americas, at the Ottawa Finance Ministers’ Conference, Heads of State Summit of the Americas, Quebec (April ‘01) Toronto, Transportation Ministers conference, G8 Heads of States Economic Summit in Kananaskis June 2002. (June ‘02)-G8 Speakers of the House in New York, Buiatrics Congress, July ‘04

Prison Chaplains (Ottawa 2005)

CIDA conferences 2006, 2007

G8/G20 Toronto 2010. G2o Speakers of Upper Houses, Ottawa 2010. G8 Speakers of Lower Houses, Ottawa 2010.


Private Sector

Carnegie Endowment for Peace (‘00 Conference on immigration), Brookings Institution, International Strategy Institute, World Energy Council (Houston ‘98, Buenos Aires ‘01) International Olympic Committee (Rio de Janeiro ‘01), Ford Annual Presentation (Orlando ‘01), IBM International Conference (Fort Myers ‘00), Nike (Las Vegas ‘02)

G8 Environment (Tokyo 00 and 02), World Gas Council (Seoul ’01), World Medical Association (Washington Oct. ‘02), Antarctic Treaty Organization (Warsaw Sep. ‘02)

Oil Consumer Countries (Seoul Sep. ‘02), International Conference on Justice (Abuja, Nigeria. Feb. ‘03), Freedom House conference on Algeria, March ‘03, World Gas Conference (Tokyo, June ‘03), Antarctic Treaty (Madrid June ‘03), International Olympic Committee (Prague, July ‘03), University Olympics, (Daegu Korea, Aug. ‘03), Human Rights Watch Sep.’03, Exxon Mobil Chad-Cameroon Pipeline (Kome, Chad, Oct.’03), ATCM Cape Town, 2004, ATCM Stockholm, 2005

University of the United Nations Council, Helsinki, Finland (December ‘04)

Conference on Tsunami Reconstruction, Kobe, Japan, (January 2005)

Autocad , Las Vegas 2005-2006

IBTTA (Philadelphia ‘04, Cleveland ‘05)

Council of Europe visit to Canada, Oct ‘05, October ‘06

PACOM (Kuala Lumpur 2006)

IFPA, Seoul, Korea, May 2006

Hudson Institute conference on Islam, Washington DC. May 2006

ATCM, Edinburgh, UK, June ‘06, New Delhi (2007)

Wheat Council/Tunisia, Fargo, ND. September ‘06

Nuclear Regulatory Agencies International Meeting, October 2006

PACOM/CHOD meeting, Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia, Nov. 2006

USW conference, Dearborn, Mich. September 2007

French-American Foundation study tour, November 2006, December 2007

ITUC conference Maryland, December 2007

Saturn, March 2008 Pepsi Congress , Greenwich Ct. June 2010

World Youth Forum, Leon, Mexico, Aug. 2010



German/English and French/English at C-Span

Corporate voiceover at Front Row Studios, Annapolis, MD

Voiceover for Gorman-Rupp in Atlanta, York Corp, IFC



M.A. Literature-NANCY University, France (1973)

M.A. American Literature, Ball State University Muncie, IND. (1975)

Interpretation training course European Community Commission BRUSSELS (1976)


Nationality: U.S. Citizen

Mother tongue: French

33 years experience.