Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is the preferred mode, with booths and electronic equipment including transmitters and receivers. It is ideal for groups larger than 10.

Gérard François can provide links with equipment companies, such as CSI and ASET.

Simultaneous interpretation is faster and allows the possibility of multiple languages.

Simultaneous equipment follows ISO standards.

Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation allows interpretation between a handful of participants. The interpreter takes notes and reads them after the speaker stops. It allows the speaker to hear his speech a second time, is very precise, but takes longer.


Used for one, at most two participants. It is simultaneous interpretation in a low voice, over the main speaker.

Voice-over services

Professional reading of a French or English version of a text to accompany a video. Currently doing voice-over tapes in English for C-Span for their feeds in French or German.


French A, English B, German C , Spanish C

Conversational Portuguese and Mandarin Chinese.


Finance, economics, steel, unions, the environment and medicine.